Solar Systems

Grid-Tie Systems

Grid tie systems use the power of the sun to feed power to your house as well as send any extra power onto the grid. In most areas this will reduce your electricity bill substantially. These systems only work during the day while the sun is out.

Off-Grid Systems

Off grid systems charge a bank of batteries as well as use any extra power from the panels to run appliances in your house. These systems are usually paired with a generator or windmill for the times when sun is not available or plentiful for days at a time. The bank of batteries are used at night to supply power to the inverter and thus the house. These systems are typically used where commercial power is unavailable, such as camps. Because of the cost of batteries these systems are substantially more expensive than grid tie systems.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems combine the benefits of grid tie and off grid systems. With the right combination of battery bank, panels, and inverter it is possible to reduce your energy consumption to net zero. This essentially means the cost per kWh of commercial power is reduced to zero, as any energy you use from the grid you end up giving back.

We use a variety of manufacturers to put together the perfect system for your needs.
Victron, Morningstar, Renogy, and Midnite are just a few.

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