Two Way Radios

Installation in vehicle, home, or business available for all radios sold here.
None of the radios listed here are kept in stock as the selection is too vast. Email or call us with your intended use and we can set up the right radio for you.


MURS is the main communication system in the North Mane Woods. Stop using Amateur and Business radios for MURS. There are many mislabeled radios on the market but the radios we carry are all legal. Legal MURS radios must be part 95j certified by the FCC. Most “Murs” radios from other dealers are part 90 Business radios which are technically illegal.


The internet is flooded with different brands and models of FRS/GMRS radios. We have a few models from budget to professional, five watt handheld or 50 watt mobile. We can also get GMRS dog trackers.


We have a good selection of the most dependable and top of the line CBs. Whether you’re in the woods or on the road, we can get you talking with the perfect CB to fit your needs.


Low Band, VHF, UHF, or 800/900Mhz we can put together a system that works for your location and type of business. Whether you just need a few handhelds or a complete repeater system, we offer multiple brands and models.

*(we do not install or maintain any radio towers, only the systems installed on them)


We can get almost any amateur radio you’re looking for, HT, mobile, or base. We also have tuners, antennas, grounding equipment and more.