Friday & Saturday  –  4:00 pm to 12:00pm
Sunday  –  5:00 pm to 10:00pm  

Contact us for your electronical or mechanical needs!

Small or Medium Engines

Briggs, Kohler, Craftsman, Tecumseh and most others.
Gas or diesel – mechanical or electrical – repairs or rebuilds.
Generators, lawn mowers, snow blowers, small tractors. Almost anything with an engine.1

Two Way Radios

Mobile or Handheld
MURS, Ham, Commercial, CB and GMRS.
Radio sales, programming, and system installation in vehicle (mobile) or home/office (base). 

Security Cameras

Wireless or Wired
Sales, service, and installation.
Whether you need two cameras or twenty, large buildings or small, we can put together the right package for you!

Solar Power Systems

One panel or a complete system
Grid tie2, off grid, or hybrid
Quotes and sun audits available for your location.

Electronics Repair and Recycling

Integrated computer systems, integrated controls, and small electronics repair. (No consumer PCs or broken screens)
We also offer electronics recycling at no cost to you.
Just drop off your electronics and we’ll get rid of them, for free!3

Vehicle Lighting & Accessories

LED pods, light bars, spotlights
DOT approved factory replacements or upgrades
Interior accessory lighting
Emergency vehicle lighting

3D Printing

Need something 3D printed?
We can print almost anything up to seven inches cubed.
Pricing based on an individual item basis (size, time, etc)

Locksmith Services

Residential, Commercial, or Automotive
Key copy and key programming

Snow Removal / Field Mowing

Storm cleanup, snowbank removal or driveway/road opening.
Field mowing / brush cutting  or road trimming

1 – passenger vehicles will be on a case by case basis.
2 – Licensed electrician required to hook into utility for grid-tie style.
3 – Must be relatively clean and drained of any fluids. Absolutely NO burned material!

Devoe Repair

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Eagle Lake ME